2024 Jan. 01 茶文化

小坐小飲:紫藤廬茶體驗時段 Tea Tasting Series At Wistaria Tea House



紫藤廬老茶館在每個小週末的時光,週四、五 1-5 pm,開放Tea Tasting時段,讓對紫藤廬茶品感興趣的朋友們,能根據自己的喜好,於時段之內任選三款不同茶品,紫藤廬茶人將針對選擇的茶品提供品種、風味、農法等知識介紹。
我們想將幾十年來對茶的熱愛及理解更充分地分享給大家,Have a cuppa tea邀請大家輕鬆地來和紫藤廬茶人一起喝茶,用一小段時間來觀察、思考、沈澱感受~

Tea Tasting茶主持人陣容:




時段:每週四、五/ 1 pm、2:30 pm、4 pm開放預約,一組TeaTasting體驗約1小時



收費:茶館低消400元/ 人
*購買茶品滿2,000元可抵Tea Tasting入場費用
Tea Tasting Series at Wistaria

Interested in tea but don’t know where to start? We welcome you to a relaxed tea time curated especially for you to discover teas of your choice. Our tea guide of the day will guide you and advise you on our various selection of teas, from green, white, oolong, black tea to pu-erh teas. Each session lasts around 1 hour, and you will be able to select and taste three teas of your choice. Available Thursdays and Fridays at 1pm, 2:30pm and 4 pm respectively. Groups of up to four are accepted, we encourage you to gather some friends to taste tea together. Reservation by phone is recommended, drop-in accepted based on availability. 

400 NT/ person, the fee is waived when you make a tea purchase of 2,000 NT or more.