Meal Menu

All meal sets include a seasonal entrée, plus side dish, soup, dessert, and rice.


百合百頁蔬食彩滙      百合根、押し豆腐と野菜の炒め

Bean curds with lily bulbs and seasonal vegetables


蕃茄燉牛肉     牛肉のトマト煮込み

Stewed beef and tomatoes


茶梅排骨        スペアリブの茶梅煮込み

Stewed tea plum short ribs


樹子茶蒸魚        金萱茶入り鱈の樹子蒸し

Steamed fish with Cordia and Jinxuan Tea






Meal Service:Lunch 11:30 - 14:00   Dinner 17:30  - 20:00

We request our guests adhere to a two-hour dining limit.

All prices are subject to a 10% service charge.

Extra a la carte orders available.

Dining fees are not included in the minimum charge when booking a private room.