By Mass Rail Transit (MRT)

Danshui Line (Red Line):

  • Disembark at Taipower Station

        -Take Exit 2

        -Walk eastwards along Roosevelt Road

        -Turn left at Xinsheng South Road

-Walk along the left side of Xinsheng South Road, the tea house will be on your left side

-Estimated walking distance: 700-800m

  •     Disembark at Gongguan Station

                -Take Exit

  1.  By Bus

-Board a northbound Bus

                        -Disembark at Long An Elementary School Stop

                        -The tea house is across the street from the elementary school

                      2. By Foot

                        -Walk westwards along Roosevelt Road

                        -Turn right onto Xinsheng South Road

-Walk along Xinsheng South Road until you see Long An Elementary School (the building with the pink façade)

                        -The tea house is situated diagonally across the street from the school


  • Beitou Line

        -Transfer at Guting Station

        -Board an eastbound bus, disembark at Wenzhou Street Station

        -Walk eastwards along Heping East Road

        -Turn right onto Xinsheng South Road

-In approximately 200 meters, you will see the tea house on your right-hand side


For information on busses, please refer to “Bus Routes” below.



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