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Visions of Wondrous Landscapes
Wu Hsichi & Yeh YiLi Joint Exhibition
The start of a new year renews the cycle of transformation and rebirth. Wandering the myriad mountain scenes and seascapes, will each of us find our unique paths to happiness?

This spring, Wistaria welcomes two contemporary artists to present their visions of the Taiwanese landscape. Through the use of mnemonic objects evoking profound, layered memories, their artwork evokes a thoughtful contemplation of the harmonious interplay between objects and lines.

Wu Hsichi depicts his islands, mountains and oceans through meticulous layering of colour and lines. Beneath each carefully painted stratum, personal interiority slowly seeps into and merges with natural exteriority, reflecting the artist’s abstract interest in Chan Buddhism. Yeh Yili’s considered arrangement of everyday objects, coupled with his stylistically bubbly pottery, creates an impression of the temporal suspension of time. Within this suspension, the viewer is immersed in a fantastic setting of the ancient and the modern.

Two artists, two disparate approaches, situated in dialogue within one setting. Their artwork is an invitation to partake in the playful musings of spring, to wander in the fantastic landscapes evoked by lines and colors, objects and paint. Come contemplate the relation between people and space, between the physical and the spiritual, at the harmonious intersection of one imagination with another.
The Five Masters’ Creative Conservation
This five-person exhibition explores the continuation and evolution of art conservation and restoration in an interdisciplinary manner. It examines the negotiation of Eastern and Western aesthetics and praxis, as well as the intergenerational transmission of the craft from master to disciple, from Asia to Europe. Notably, this exhibition marks the first time that five renowned art conservationists – Te-Lin Tsen, Chien-kuo Hsu, Hsiu-Hsiang Li, Camille Schmitt, and Ting-wei Wu – will display their work in Taiwan, epitomizing the spirit of consultation and collaboration.

For over one millennium, China has utilized various methods of art conservation, including album leafs, mounted scrolls, and hand scrolls, to insulate fragile artwork from light and air. In addition to preserving delicate artwork, such intricate methods proved to be an effective means of transportation and display, ensuring their continued practice by art conservationists today.

As contemporary calligraphy and scroll paintings have evolved to integrate Western elements into an East Asian art form, art conservationists have to draw upon their vast reservoir of art-historical knowledge and conservation expertise to ensure a successful restoration. Depending on the artwork’s material, subject matter, and proposed display space, conservationists utilize a range of techniques not only to restore and preserve, but to revive and enliven. In this light, art restoration is not merely the act of extending the lifetime of art: it is the act of giving life to art itself.
Lin, Guo Shin Silver Tea Ware Exhibition
Lin, Guo Shin Silver Tea Ware Exhibition
Date:13 Jan. - 22 Feb. 2018
Opening Hours:Monday to Sunday, 1-6 pm
Artist:Lin, Guo Shin
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